I Want to Pump You (Me?) Up!

I have been sweet a diabetic for nearly 24 years and I have been dragging my feet with getting an insulin pump.  We’ve heard that it’ll make my life so much easier, better, more manageable, yadda yadda yadda. I either was undecided, too heavily involved in sports, going to college or else totally under the control of poor diabetic/life choices to even give it a second thought.  My recent diagnosis of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, I’ve had a serious sit-down with myself and recommitted to vigilant control of my health (hallelujah chorus!) This got the whole ball rolling. I am now seeing a doctor that is interested in my diabetes care (a first for me) in Philadelphia, exercising, and am now on the pump:



It’s purple, and everything! I’m pretty pumped (bad pump joke, here…) and am interested to see the drop in my A1C (which the past result was in the 7’s for the first time in YEARS…).  It is just now starting to hit me about my pump.  I’m going to have something attached to me 24/7 and I keep thinking of things that could potentially happen and I’m a little nervous.  That said, I am excited and happy I have it beyond belief.


I think my nervousness in the most part stems from the fact that I went through such a long, dark period of burn out, that jumping back into tight diabetes control seems daunting…but that’s diabetes all the time.  Diabetes is 24/7…now only with some new hardware.


About pickupmypancreas

I am a Type 1 Diabetic of way more years than I have fingers and toes who loves to read, write, learn and surround myself with friends and family.

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