Starbucks: More evil than necessary today



Always check to make sure your order – anywhere – is correct.  As a diabetic, we (well, we should) be taking insulin according to what we’re eating and how many carbs are in that certain food or drink.  Our blood glucose kind of depends on it.  


Today, before my provider meeting in clinic, I ran to Starbucks. I. Love. Starbucks.  Coffee in general, really.  I always order a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte which has 17g of carbs and I bolus accordingly.  I have never had a problem.  So, I take my insulin…and after the meeting, I check my blood glucose.  463.  Wait.  What?!?!?! 463? Seriously, diabetes? SERIOUSLY?  I haven’t come down much since.  And I feel like absolute junk.  Upon further review, my only idea is that they did not give me a skinny vanilla latte and it was the full alarm, bells and whistles, non-sugar-free, full fat version.  With my luck, it had extra sugar sprinkled on top.  Damn.  I even thought half way through, this tastes even more delicious than usual, but I was up so early this  morning that any caffeine would have tasted like manna from the gods.  Again: damn.  Starbucks: you mean.


About pickupmypancreas

I am a Type 1 Diabetic of way more years than I have fingers and toes who loves to read, write, learn and surround myself with friends and family.

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  1. Sorry to hear! I had that happen before and from then on I make a point of saying “If you could just make sure this has x done to it, it’s for medical reasons.” Not always fun to say but I get the extra care. Hope you come down soon.

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