Best Friends

Quick Update: post – surgery is going pretty well. Still adjusting to my new way of the world, but all – in – all I’m good. Working on a computer is hard…but whatever for now.

I’ll do a well thought out post one of these days but right now it takes me forever (I’m channeling “The Sandlot” when I say “fooorrrrrreeeeeevvvvver.”).

The one thing I want to say is thank goodness for animals. Pets. Furry members of the family. Through the past two surgeries and stressful time off, they seem to take a lot of the bad juju away. Whether it’s petting them, going for a walk, or having them wag their tail in your general direction, you realize all they do for you. They make it better. 




About pickupmypancreas

I am a Type 1 Diabetic of way more years than I have fingers and toes who loves to read, write, learn and surround myself with friends and family.

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