The Ultimate Beach Acesscery

The insulin pump isn’t my ideal piece of fashion add – on.  Too many decisions on where to put it, is this suit ok, is it out of the sun…blah blah blah. But I ask you: what are the chances of putting my butt in the sand right next to another fellow T1D? SMALL WORLD!!! I put my earphones in and kept catching snippets of conversation…and to my surprise: there’s a fellow pumper!

I always find it fascinating when I spy other PWD in the wild so it got me thinking: maybe in these days in age, the insulin pump and diabetes in general truly is the most fashionable clothing accessory!

I will say however that a tan line of the outline of an infusion set and CGM is NOT dead sexy.


About pickupmypancreas

I am a Type 1 Diabetic of way more years than I have fingers and toes who loves to read, write, learn and surround myself with friends and family.

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  1. No way will I wear a bathing suit in public anymore – pump or not! I love not having an infusion set. Just a “pod” and a remote control 😉

    Enjoy the summer,


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