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Stress: You’re Stressing Me Out!


Lately, I have been pondering the idea of “stress.”  Do you ever find yourself snared into a conversation where the other party does nothing but complain about how stressed out they are – these stressors being sometimes legit, sometimes mundane?  These types of conversation do nothing more than stress me out on their behalf.  I even sometimes (wrongly, I will admit) want to yell at them: “Yeah?  This is stressing you out?  Try doing it while trying to wrestle type 1 diabetes!”  (Disclaimer: I have never, and would never actually say this to a person…stress is real to everyone and everyone has their circumstances…I was merely trying for a little humor)

But I digress…

Stress does nothing helpful for people with diabetes (hereafter PWD for all you non-diabetic folk!)  I, of course, am speaking from MY experience, which could be different than yours, but: stress sucks.  Stress makes my blood sugars soar to crazy heights and stick there like a kite lodged in a tree; my glucose levels become stubborn as mountain goats refusing to budge.  Stress seems to have a way to become all doom-and-gloom before I even realize I’m falling down the stress-rabbit-hole.

Who, in their sick sense of humor, decided that stress should have this awful effect?

Isn’t it bad enough that I am stressed out by outside things, that now I need to be stressed out about high blood sugar?  Oye ve!  This stress on my diabetes control is stressing me out.  It’s all a very ugly vicious cycle sometimes, isn’t it?  Well, stress can hereby sit on it and spin.

Stress management has never been my strong suit – then again, I have always leaned towards being a more high-strung, wound tight individual (darn my brother for inheriting the laissez-faire, everything will just work out attitude…).  Back in college, I used to thrive on stress – I performed better (example: I wrote my 30-some-odd-page senior thesis a day and a half before it was due and got an A! Whaaaat!?!)  But this just doesn’t work for me anymore.  Stress isn’t good and especially being a person with a chronic illness, stress is of no use.  So.  I am hereby banishing stress from my life!  …Nice try.  It’s still here.

I’m going to try to find ways to unwind and let all of the extra stuff go.  Maybe I’ll start going for more walks.  Up my mediation a bit…go back to yoga.  It’s Spring – maybe it’s time for a master breathe-and-reboot!

What types of things help you de-stress and unwind?


Emotional Ringer…Two Rounds Down…

   Round 1 went to diabetes the past two weeks.  I’ve been having some trouble with my left eye (the eye sans vitrectomies, oil bubble, blurry vision, and eye patch).  There is some active bleeding despite my thoroughly singed retina and some rather annoying floaters.  I’ve been to the eye doctor twice and go back in two weeks.  My doctor decided to closely watch my retina and told me to stay home and relax – OK!!!!

    I’m not entirely sure if I’m done processing the fact that my right eye was in such turmoil.  Three rounds of laser surgery and two major surgeries are a lot under even semi-not-normal circumstances…but damn.  My left one now, too?  Give me a freakin’ break already

    I’m working so hard to overcome some maddeningly self-induced complications that most of the time I forget to breathe.  Everyone keeps telling me that I need to relax and not get so completely stressed out that I exacerbate my symptoms.  By staying home the past two weeks, I’ve really helped my left eye stay even keel – it’s not “good,” but it didn’t get worse. 

    So that means that I am in desperate need of some awesome stress management – easier said than done for me.  I’m like my father personality wise.  We get stressed out easy and don’t let it out and well, explode in some way, shape, or form.  I’m going to try to get back to yoga – it’s been tough because for a long time, I wasn’t allowed to do much in the way of exercise because of my healing eye.  Meditation is always another possibility…I can’t wait for this crazy cold winter to be over: bike riding and long walk time!

   I got a text the other day which made me laugh.  It’s a reminder that stuff happens and that you need to assess and keep trudging.  All-in-all, I think Round 2 went to me.